Greenwitch was established in 1989 as a company specializing in the production of organizers, and its mission was to expand the range of products then present on the Italian market. The main features of these products were their classic shapes and colours. The growth of the company is linked to its ability to perceive new market trends.
In fact, in conjunction with its more traditional models, Greenwitch introduced a wide range of alternative articles that were unusual in terms of both materials (for example, highly coloured leather) and internal functions.

In 2006 Greenwitch presents C.OVER, an innovative, simple and easy-to-use organizer, characterized by an hi-tech mood and dedicated to a public modern, dynamic and focusing on new. The C.OVER system is covered by an international patent and has quickly become a best seller in its category. Designed for Greenwitch by Aldo Petillo, C.OVER is an organizer with a design simple, minimalist, extremely chic and out of the ordinary that, in order to hold the paper booklets, instead of metal rings uses three elastic with terminal spheres that hook up to the structure. So the organizer becomes more practical, compact and versatile.
C.OVER has been published in the ADI Design Index 2006, step of the three-year walk that prepares the XXI edition of the Compasso d’Oro award. The nomination to Compasso d’Oro gives recognition to Greenwitch of its capability to innovate and bring a breath of fresh air in the organizer’s field.